About Us

Engineered BioPharmaceuticals is dedicated to partnering with its pharmaceutical clients to lower the cost of healthcare and make critical therapeutic drugs more accessible and user friendly. Located in South Central Virginia, Engineered BioPharmaceuticals specializes in the development, formulation, production and filling of dry powder protein-based pharmaceuticals into novel delivery devices. To meet the demands of the next generation of pharmaceuticals, we “engineer” our powders for a wide variety of application-specific purposes, including high surface area for rapid reconstitution, low density and spherical for aerodynamic performance, tight size distribution for consistent targeted delivery and protein protection for maximal shelf-life.

With the rapid growth of protein-based therapies and the changing healthcare landscape pushing for a more participatory role of the patient in their own cost-effective care, the forward thinking pharmaceutical client is visibly focused on optimizing patient value and promoting therapeutic compliance. Let Engineered BioPharmaceuticals help transition your novel therapeutic discovery into a patient desired product in today’s new, demanding, patient-centric marketplace.