What is ASFD?

Atmospheric Spray Freeze Drying (ASFD) is an alternative to conventional lyophilization and spray drying methods for improved shelf stability.

  • Faster processing compared to lyophilization (hours not days)
  • Gentler on proteins compared to spray drying (no high heat) 
  • Result is a loose, flowing powder, not a cake requiring additional processing

Improved particle properties

  • Aerodynamic for consistent, targeted delivery via the pulmonary or nasal routes
  • High surface area for rapid reconstitution
  • Ideal for self-administration devices

Improved economics and better control of the process

  • No need for the complex vacuum systems of lyophilization
  • Low temperatures means higher viable protein yields compared to spray drying

Ideal for:

  • Protein based pharmaceuticals with poor shelf-stability
  • Pulmonary targets (antibiotics, vaccines, cancer treatments, asthma medications, etc.)
  • Accessing systemic circulation through pulmonary routes (insulin, antibiotics, cancer treatments, etc.)
  • Nasal cavity targets (vaccines)