Delivery Methods

Pulmonary Delivery

Pulmonary administration is an important delivery route for a wide range of medications because of the ability to access the vast surface area of the lung or target specific locations along the way.  It also enables self-administration needed for lower healthcare costs now and in the future.

ASFD powders are ideal for pulmonary delivery because of important engineered properties.  They have a spherical shape giving them good aerodynamic stability as they traverse the pulmonary tract from mouth to alveolus.  Whether the target is the upper respiratory tract for an asthma medication or the deep lung for absorption into the systemic circulation, ASFD powders can be manufactured in a wide range of particle sizes, each with a tightly controlled distribution.  Because of their high porosity, ASFD powders dissolve rapidly once they reach their target, leaving little time for the body’s ciliary clearance mechanisms to reduce their effectiveness.

eBio’s scientists and engineers are experts in pulmonary delivery and can help design your pharmaceutical for maximum effectiveness.

Nasal Delivery

The nasal cavity is the location of many important immunologic defense mechanisms, making it an ideal candidate for vaccine delivery.  ASFD powders are well suited for nasal delivery because of the ability to tightly control particle sizes.  Particles that are too small can be inhaled into the lungs or land in the upper cavity and the olfactory bulb.  Particles that are too large can cause irritation or induce sneezing.  

Let eBio’s scientists and engineers help direct you toward the optimal design.


Because of the flexibility provided by ASFD processing, particles in almost any size range can be manufactured.  Current atomization technologies enable particles to be manufactured that are smaller than 1 micron, including particles as small as 100 nanometers.  Though applications are still in the development phase for particles this small, Engineered BioPharmaceuticals is preparing to meet the needs of these exacting requirements.  In medicine today, however, there is a need to deliver nano-sized molecules in both targeted and systemic delivery modes.  ASFD particles are ideal for the seamless integration and delivery of nano-molecules.



One of the largest applications currently for dry powders is in the reconstituted delivery of medicines.  Here, dry powders are mixed with water-for-injection just prior to patient administration.  ASFD particles greatly aid in this delivery method as their high surface area greatly reduces reconstitution time, enabling next generation, one-step devices (i.e. devices that reconstitute automatically during injection).  Engineered BioPharmaceuticals is currently constructing a plant for the aseptic production of ASFD powders, something required for reconstituted pharmaceuticals.  When completed this line will not only produce powders but also fill them into a closed container – all under an aseptic umbrella.